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Shelter Home of Caldwell County
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A young mother and her two little boys fled family violence in Alexander County, and came into Shelter more than a year ago. After Emergency Shelter, they moved into the Transitional Housing program where clients may reside for up to one additional year.

THIS week, mother and children are moving into a new home of their own. ALL the furniture for the apartment will be furnished through the Shelter Home’s community donation program. Volunteers will pickup furniture, household goods, bedding, dishes, tvs, etc at DONATED warehouse space, and deliver it to their new home.

“Mom” has been employed for more than a year, and has been able to provide for herself and her young sons. AS they move out, as a staff, we are both sad and thrilled. Sad to see them go, but so very happy for their future.

As Advocates working with victims, it is so encouraging to see the difference in the people who enter the doors of the Shelter and those who leave having had the opportunity to heal, find hope and encouragement, and to put their own lives back onto a safe, healthy track for a violence-free future.


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