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Alexander Rescue Squad
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With our organization covering the entire county and having members from all the different communities within the county, we are able to respond to any medical or traumatic event that occurs. With the training and experience our members have, we can begin early pre-hospital care that may save a life or limb, coordinate travel to a hospital or trauma center, and work toward reducing the amount of rehabilitation needed due to the medical or traumatic event. Early pre-hospital care provided to a victim can reduce the time of recovery, and assist a person in returning back to their normal activities. Our members documented 6256 hours of training in 2012 in an effort to enhance our abilities to react properly to whatever situation we are asked to respond to. Events like these happen on a daily basis.

*Alexander Rescue Squad's ATV team won the October 2007 Backboard Award given by Med Center Air for their careful efforts in extracting 3 victims from remote mountainous terrian in northern & western Alexander County following two separate accidents involving three individuals riding four wheelers. This award came as a result of two separate calls in two different areas of the county on the same day.

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