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Like all non-profit organizations, volunteers are such great assets.  Volunteers are another means of existence for our United Way.  Volunteers help by answering the phone to serving on the Board of Directors.  To be good stewards of your dollars, we keep our operating cost low so that your dollars will go to our 10 local agencies.

There are many volunteer opportunities not only through your United Way but with any non-profit organization in Alexander County.   There are volunteer opportunities for most ages, everyday of the week and time.  Each agency will provide a wide range of opportunities that will meet your interests.

Volunteers help people like you make a difference for children, youth, men and women, people with various disabilities, neighborhoods and the entire community.  Volunteers can help with youth service projects, fund raising events, mentors for the elderly, this is only a few opportunities.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact your local United Way at 828-234-2588 or any non-profit organization.

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