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Just what does United Way do?
United Way is a locally incorporated non-profit organization that is the single largest non- government agency that funds health and human services in our community. United Way campaign dollars support a network of thirteen local agencies, addressing community problems 365 days a year.

What kind of organizations or agencies does United Way of Alexander County support?
United Way's focus is on human services, particularly those for children and their families. We support 10 agencies that provide help to those with both basic and special needs.

How many people does United Way of Alexander County employ?
The United Way of Alexander County employs only one full time director. We are a volunteer driven organization. We invite you to contact us to share opinions, ask questions and learn about our local United Way.

Why do most people give to United Way?
Most people give quite simply to help others. Additional reasons include an interest in one or more agencies that United Way supports, workplace spirit and a desire for a stronger community.

Why not just give directly to the agencies?
United Way's community-based oversight ensures that the charities you support through United Way adhere to sound fiscal policies, and that programs provide needed services.

How is United Way accountable?
United Way's own operating budget is audited by a local accounting firm and is carefully reviewed by the Board of Directors. Because of many volunteers involved in raising and distributing the money, we are able to keep our operating costs low.

How are United Way agencies accountable to United Way donors?
Experienced community volunteers oversee the dollar allocations to all agencies. They review financial reports, annual audits, agency programs, and their outcomes to assure quality programs. Allocations to agencies are available to the community.

Every United Way agency meets these high standards to ensure quality and efficiency:

  • Recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization
  • Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors
  • Provides for a health and human service care need
  • Audited annually by a CPA firm
  • Submits financial statements
  • Annually presents entire budget to a panel of community volunteers
  • Keeps its overhead below national standards

Don't the agencies get government funding?
Many agencies do receive governmental support. In fact, United Way funding often allow agencies to leverage available government funds, which maximizes their resources. However, shrinking government dollars mean privately funded institutions like the United Way are more important than ever.

I never use agency services, so why should I give?
You never know when you, a member of your family, or a neighbor may need a United Way service. Everyday problems know no boundaries. Your gift helps ensure that the United Way services are available when they are needed. United Way services have touched the lives of 1 in 3 people here in our community. Anyone who has been involved in scouting, given blood, taken a first aid course through the American Red Cross, or has been involved in the YMCA through their camps or exercise programs has been served by a United Way agency.

Who manages the United Way?
United Way is a local, independant organization governed by a local volunteer board of directors. Policies, activities, procedures, and agencies we support are determined right here at home. The community volunteers who lead the United Way come from all walks of life and reflect the cultural diversity of our area. A small, but knowledgeable staff, which works closely with the volunteers at all levels, handles United Way's daily operations.

Is giving to the United Way voluntary?
YES! Giving to the United Way is a personal choice. United Way does not support coercion. You give because you want to give back to your community.

Doesn't United Way spend my dollars on meals and advertisement?
NO! Dollars raised from the campaign go directly to the agencies and United Way's budget. Meals and special events are sponsored through local companies.

Can I designate my contribution to go to another county?
YES! However, you do work in Alexander County and all services from our agencies are available to you and your family. We hope you will consider leaving your contribution right here. Again, this is your choice.

Can I designate my contribution to go to a particular agency?
YES! But you can only designate to the agencies that we support. The agencies are listed on the fact sheet and pledge card.


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